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Before the start of the 2014 season Blindern Rugbyklubb decided that their old logo was out-dated. It did not represent the clubs image anymore.

The task was given Design students at Norges Kreative Høyskole (Creative Collage). Their Mac Design Class was given a brief from the board, and two weeks later we were ready to decide a winner.

The winner was young designer student Jennieffer Capiral and her logo is now the pride of the club. It’s to be seen at the jersey’s and training equipment.

An enormous thanks to Norges Kreative Høyskole and Jenniefer Capiral!

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Blindern Rugbyklubb Logo, Jeninie Capiral, NKH oslo 

  blindern rugbyklubb logo, shirt ,oslo rugby, club      blindern rugbyklubb logo, shirt ,oslo rugby, clubblindern rugbyklubb logo, shirt ,oslo rugby, club, Jennie Capiral

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