About the Club


Blidnern Rugby klubb was founded on December 10th  2010 and is today one of the largest clubs in Norway.

Originally known as Oslostudentenes IK (Oslo Students Sports Club), the name  was changed to attract more students. The name Blindern comes from its original affiliation with the Blindern location which is the main campus of the University of Oslo.

The Club has reached the final of the Norwegian Rugby 7s Championship three times out of the four it has participated. Most of our 7s-players also represent Norway in the National 7s-team.

The strength of the club has until now being its 7’s team, but in the recent years the 15’s-team has started to contest in the top of the Norwegian Rugby 15s-championship.

In the early years the club logo had been that of the Student Sports Team but it was changed in 2014. The logo was changed from a golden harp to stag antlers. This was chosen to represent the clubs Norwegian roots and the strength and speed of its players.

Blindern Rugbyklubb

Blindern Rugbyklubb 2011

Den gamle Blinder-logoen

The old Blindern-logo






Blindern Rugbyklubb 2014

Blindern Rugbyklubb 2014

Blindern Rugby Logo

The new Blindern-logo














Blindern Rugbykubb in Gothenborg 2017


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