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Foto: Blindern Rugbyklubb

Blindern Rugbyklubb is one of the main rugby clubs in Norway.
The club is known to be an open and inclusive club where new member always feel welcome – experienced or not. Our vision is to be the leading club in introducing rugby to Norway!

Blindern Rugbyklubb compete in both Rugby 7’s and Rugby Union 15’s


Blindern Rugbyklubb 7s

Foto: Audun Vagleng

The men 7s team is the biggest strength of the club. In the past three years, since Blindern Rugbyklubb has been created, the 7’s team reach twice the final of the “Norge Mesterkap”.

The team is built around a solid group of 10/12 players, some of them representing Norway 7s National Team. The development is built around young players and players discovering rugby.


Created as in 2019 in collaboration with OSI rugby, the University of Oslo’s student rugby club. Blindern RK’s women’s team is the newest addition to the club. The women play in the Norwegian national  rugby 7s league and the newly created Student League.


Foto: Andras Varga

Foto: andras Varga

The men senior 15s team competes in the Norwegian national championship. Blinder RK has improved considerable over the years, reaching the championship final for the first time in 2018.

The 15s season starts in August and finishes at the end of October.

The club’s policy is “those who train, play”. A group of 25/30 regular players are present for training and games. Three to five players of the team are regularly called to represent the Norwegian national team.

New players are welcome at any time during the year!
If you would like to know where and when we train, just click right here!
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Blindern Rugbyklub has a good mix of Norwegian and international members, students and professionals and offers a supportive environment for beginners and experienced players alike.

“The whole point of rugby is that it is, first and foremost, a state of mind, a spirit.” – Jean-Pierre Rives

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