School Project

The Norwegian Rugby Federation wishes to introduce rugby to as many kids and juniors as possible.
to accomplish this Bildern Rugbyklubb and the NRF has decided to work together on a school project.

Through this project we will contact schools in Oslo and offer to attend and assist their gym classes and introduce rugby to the students.

Players from Blindern Rugbyklubb has been given a coach course trough the International Rugby Board and arrive at the schools with a pre-made training program for the students. Because Rugby is such a diverse sport it is perfect for kids to develop physical attributes.
The drills and games in the training programme suit both girls and boys, and involve no contact. The students who wants to try out rugby on a more competitive level is invited to join Blindern og Sagene Rugby Club and their rugby trainings. Read more about that opportunity here.

Would you like to know more about the School Project or do you think your school can be interested?
Contact David Scavera from The Norwegian Rugby Federation:

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